Any Questions?

Thinking about ordering some catering from us but have a few questions? Maybe we can answer them here, but if not please email and we'll get right back to you. 

How does the whole zero-waste thing work on my end?

A lot like regular catering, but without all the plastic! We deliver your order to you, beautifully plated on large platters, in cardboard or reusable plastic containers, covered with beeswax wraps where necessary. Then at the end of your event we come and collect everything again. 

Do you supply plates and cutlery?

As a rule we don't, as we've found most offices and business have their own. However, if you need individual plates and/or cutlery provided, we can offer this for an extra fee per-person, to cover our washing up time and any loss or breakage. 

Will you stay and serve the food?

We're a small operation, so if you're looking for staff in white shirts to walk around with canape trays and champagne, we're probably not for you. However if you'd like someone to stay at your event, answer questions about the food, offer a tea or coffee and some good conversation, we may be able to arrange this for an additional cost. 

I'm on a tight budget - can I still get catering from you?

We try our best to work with your budget (within reason), offering workarounds like whole cakes rather than individual ones, fewer savoury options, or slightly smaller servings. Get in contact and we'll see what we can do!

Can I pick up my catering to save on delivery? 

Our kitchen is in Dodges Ferry, which is a bit far away for most people. However, we may be able to organise pickup in Hobart in special cases, subject to our schedule.